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Best Pouch Packaging Designs For Inspiration in 2023

Best Pouch Packaging Designs For Inspiration in 2023

Pouch Packaging! Who doesn’t love pouch packaging? It is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use packaging designs. These pouches are easy to maintain and can be stored at room temperature. They also allow the products kept inside them to stay fresh for a long time. They are light, compact, and with little product loss, as their material breaks down during use. Another factor that makes us love this packaging solution so much is its ability to be resealed again. They can be resealed once opened, making it easier to store products inside them.

Pouch packaging is already a very famous type of packaging. You can find it everywhere, in small grocery stores, supermarkets and many more places. The great thing about them is that they can store several different products. We expect these pouches to leave us for a while. We expect them to become even more popular. So, with this, let’s look into some pouch packaging designs you can take inspiration from for 2023!

Pouch Packaging Designs To Take Into 2023     

Some of the pouch packaging designs that need to be taken into 2023 and become more famous are;

Vibrant Colors

Who doesn’t love colours? When your eyes meet something colourful, it instantly makes you feel refreshed and happy. Using vibrant colours for your pouches can be very beneficial. It can help you stand out and speak to the customer’s heart. Using bold and vibrant colours can draw more attention to your product. Make your pouch the first thing a customer sees when they walk into the aisle. This can also help you improve your brand image. When your pouches have vibrant colours, you will seem more confident as a brand, and this will also reflect on your product.

Center Sealed

Center-sealed bag packaging is perfect for bulky items and chemical packages. The flexible packaging material produces medium-density bags to protect the package from oxidation. These bags can withstand high temperatures with a leaking seal. They also provide the function of convenience, making it a great option. They can be used to store many different products. Another benefit of this design is that it is easy to use and can help keep the product fresh for a long time.

Side Gusseted

Gusseted packs are an old design, but as they say, old is gold. This design may be old, but it is still as famous as ever. It is commonly used to pack tea, coffee, powders, or spices. Its unique style makes it easier for them to have more products on the shelf as they do not take up much space. Gusseted pouches can accommodate more products due to increased filling volume. The bottom of the pouch is foldable and can be propped up. This makes it easy to store them as well. As they can be folded and have a unique bendable style, they can be placed easily into cabinets and small shelves.

Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum packaging keeps the product fresh without compromising product quality. Mainly used for food packaging, the vacuum seal keeps food fresh for a long time. All kinds of food can be kept fresh with vacuum bag packagings, such as dry food, meat and tea. Protects food from moisture. No matter the product inside, the vacuum seal prevents moisture, heat or toxins from entering the pouch. This will keep the product inside safe for a long time, as long as the vacuum seal is intact.

Typographic Scrawl

Typography has always been a must in packaging, but casual, scribbled handwriting is trending these days. This creates a down-to-earth, DIY vibe starkly contrasting to the more sophisticated, less obtrusive brands we’re all familiar with. The hand lettering gives a homely feeling. This new trend works on the aesthetic side. The way the hand lettering can enhance the beauty of your pouches is magical. This type is unique and can also help you in brand recognition. As it is still comparatively new, you can make it your thing. Such a design will help consumers remember your brand like no other. Another benefit of this design is that it is very simple. Simple is famous today. Simplicity can add to the aesthetic of things. It can also help attract attention just as much as vibrant colours.


Regardless of age, stickers are one thing that everyone can enjoy. The look and feel of stickers take us to the joy of childhood. Having a sticker aesthetic on your pouch can develop feelings of nostalgia in your consumers. This can urge them to look at your product, and who knows, they might just put your product in their carts based on the sticker packaging alone. You can further target the inner child of people by adding light, warm colours that go with the stickers. This can further help induce feelings of nostalgia and warmth in the consumers.


Another design that can induce happy and nostalgic feelings is the cartoon or character design. There’s something immediately comforting and welcoming about cartoons, and it’s not just about childhood nostalgia. Cartoon styles vary widely, but at their core is the underlying essence of the product and the mood around it. A minimal line that effortlessly evokes warm and comforting feelings. Also, they’re generally silly, showing that the brand is friendly. With certain cartoons, you can make them your mascots as well. This will be a great way to be known as a friendly and nostalgic brand.

Stand Up Pouch

The stand-up pouch design is another great pouch packaging design. These pouches offer the function of standing straight on their own without any required support. Stand-up pouch packaging is used for food and liquids with options such as easy tear-off spouts and zip seals. Such self-standing packaging is widely used for cargo products. These pouches can also keep your products fresh and protect them from getting damaged. Another great advantage is that they can be stored in many different places as they do not require any support.

With these pouch packaging designs in mind, you are ready to go into 2023 prepared!