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Difference Between Cartonboard, Fibreboard and Corrugated Cardboard Packaging 

Cartonboard, Fibreboard and Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

Boxes play a significant role in ensuring many items’ safe disposal and arrival. They come in various categories depending upon the nature of the good. Cartonboard/Fibreboard and Corrugated Cardboard boxes are highly prominent in items’ practical and handy packaging. However, these boxes have specific differences that make them useful for some items and not others.

Types of Fibreboard and Corrugated Cardboard Packaging 

Both boxes are made of cardboard-like material to make them eco-friendly but have prominent differences. Corrugated boxes contain three layers of cardboard. The inner and outer layers are plain surfaced sheets of cardboard, while the third layer runs between them. The middle layer has a zigzag pattern to provide an enhanced factor of safety to the packaging. Corrugated packaging has four main types, i.e., single face board, single wall board, double wall, and triple wall. The last one is the most solid and provides more protection.

On the contrary, fibreboard packaging contains only single or double layers of plain surface cardboard. Moreover, the types of carton boards or fibreboard boxes are dependable on the type of products. Hence, they have unlimited types.

Use of Packaging Boxes

While choosing the suitable packaging materials to send your items, it means a lot to understand what kind of boxes you’re really getting. Choosing suitable retail packaging for good is an art. This ensures the safety of items and the audience’s attraction to the product. Corrugated Cardboard packaging is thick and stringent. Therefore, it is mainly used to pack luxurious, heavy, and delicate goods to provide more safety. This type of packaging is also proper when there is a need to deliver products to far places. In this case, corrugated packaging provides resistance against friction and prevents any kind of accident. Cartonboard packaging is lightweight and thin. It does not secure the product as much as corrugated boxes do. Hence, it is suitable to store items in inventory or to place them in stores for a shorter period.

Advantages of Packaging 

Corrugated boxes are more robust than your typical cardboard boxes. They offer a stable cushion to the items packed inside. Corrugated boxes are highly customizable concerning the product. These boxes keep dampness and microscopic organisms far from the items inside. This is especially significant for food items requiring long delivery times. They don’t need high work costs or any expensive instruments for production. Aside from that, corrugated boxes are straightforward to recycle. They contain 70-100 percent reused materials, making them one of the most eco-accommodating green bundling materials accessible.

On the other hand, fibreboard boxes are light in weight, unlike corrugated boxes. This makes the boxes handy while transferring goods from one place to another. They are also easy to carry and load in delivery vehicles. Moreover, carton board boxes are exceptionally environmentally friendly.

Customization and Printing on Fibreboard and Corrugated Cardboard Packaging 

Customization is one of those factors that grab the audience’s attention instantly. Some of the customization options are similar in both types of boxes. For example, the sizes of corrugated and carton board boxes vary from product to product. However, several customization options make a clear distinction between both boxes. Printing a corrugated box is difficult as compared to fibreboard box. This is because of a more significant number of layers in corrugated boxes that make it difficult for the color to stay.

Moreover, carton board boxes can be printed on the sides, unlike corrugated boxes. Because of their robust structure, corrugated boxes can be customized by adding handles and windows. On the other hand, carton board boxes are light in weight and might tear by installing a handle.

Ease of Handling

The weight and size of a box are the deciding factors in determining its ease of handling. Therefore, it is fair to say that it is hard to carry and transfer corrugated boxes because of their heavy weight. At the same time, carton board boxes spare the carrier from such a hassle. However, it is easy to transfer corrugated boxes more safely because of the lesser risk of tearing out as they have thick sides.