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What are the High-Paying Jobs in Container and packaging industry?

High Paying Jobs in Containers and Packaging Industry

Containers or packaging is a broad term that includes all the manufacturing processes. Starting from raw materials to supplying, all comes under packaging. The process of packing products in containers is known as packaging. 

The packaging includes boxes, crates, bags, drums, and whatever is best suited for the product to be packed in. 

As we all know that these days it’s hard to find a job with all the facilities and handsome pay. Containers or packaging is the right option because it has come up with many more opportunities that can help you in your career and give you a handsome salary package. 

How Many Jobs are Available in the Containers and Packaging Industry?

In recent years the container/packaging industry has become very competitive because demand for packaging is increasing globally, so job opportunities are also increasing. The US market is comparatively more booming than others.
In January 2018, there were 2 million job openings in the container/packaging industry, according to Glassdoor.

Top 5 High-Paying Jobs in Containers/Packaging Industries

Product Designer

So basically, the work of product designers is to create new designs for the product and the packaging. They are hired based on their unique ideas that can help a company design its products better and in more impressive packaging to attract customers. 


Engineers are hired more often as they are responsible for checking whether the product is of good quality or customers will prefer buying it or the competitive product of the other company. Regarding packaging, engineers have mathematical skills to ensure which packaging best suits the product. They will measure the carton’s size and know which product suits which type of packaging. They, at the same time, ensure that the packaging is safe, functional, and appealing to the customers or not. Their problem-solving abilities also help manage the number of packages and products according to the customer’s needs. 

Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Assurance managers are keen observers with strong attention to every detail of the company regarding quality. They have good communication skills to convince customers and other needs as well. Quality assurance managers make sure the quality of the product and the packaging is good enough to appeal to the customers or not. If you are a good quality assurance manager and know every detail of the product and packaging, you are getting a high paid job. 

Warehouse Manager 

Warehouse managers are responsible for all the operations being conducted in a warehouse. That includes all the shipping and packaging details of the product. Therefore, they ensure the products are delivered safely to the desired places. They also are responsible for seeing if all the packaging has been done safely or requires more consideration. In addition, the Warehouse manager needs to have strong leadership ability with good interpersonal skills. 

Packaging Operator

Packaging operators are responsible for checking all the machines that are packaging the products. They must ensure that the product pack safely and in good condition to travel. Because some products often break during the process of shipping and handling. So, they evaluate and check on machinery to escape a loss or tarnish the company’s reputation. 

As we know that every field has its pros and cons. Same like that the container/packaging industry also has its pros and cons. 


  • If you work in the packaging industry, you can easily get a relevant job after it. 
  • This job provides all the medical facilities. 
  • The packaging companies remain stable despite the economic ups and downs. 
  • They always need employees; you can get a job easily when you need it. 


  • You might encounter some toxic chemicals that may be dangerous to you.
  • No matter what is available, the job positions mostly fill up quickly.
  • The job is hectic and full of hard work, which requires strong attention. 
  • Average salaries of the top 10 high-paying jobs in containers/packaging industries in the US.

Paying Rates

  1. Manufacturing Engineer = $85,880
  2. Production Manager = $74,000
  3. Packer = $30,485
  4. Loader = $35,719
  5. Quality Assurance Manager = $40,870 
  6. Product Tester = $43,037
  7. Packaging Coordinator = $47,932
  8. Warehouse Manager = $58,262
  9. Maintenance Manager = $62,291
  10. Packaging Engineer = $81,631

If one wants a job in container/packaging, these are the skills and degrees one must have. 

  1. High School Diploma
  2. Preference is given to experience in manufacturing or related field. 
  3. One should know how to use hand tools (basic shop skills). 
  4. One should know that he needs to follow all the written and verbal instructions no matter how hard they are. 
  5. Ability to work with a team. 
  6. One should have good communication skills to work in the packaging industry. 

The benefits you get working in the packaging industry include

  1. If you work well and need a vacation for some time, your vacation could be paid based on your current working record. 
  2. They provide you with life insurance. 
  3. You are more likely to get a promotion based on your working ability and leadership skills. 
  4. They might give you traveling allowances; you can visit foreign countries. 
  5. When you move towards progress, you first were working as an employee, but the next company could hire you in a better position. There are ample opportunities for advancement. 

With the ever-changing technology, the need for employees/engineers in packaging never gets less. So, if you are looking for a job in the Packaging/container industries, then you should go for it; this may be the best option for you.