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How to Build and Use Wardrobe Moving Boxes

How to Build and Use Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Managing clothes and piling them in cupboards is extremely tacky. It needs abundant time and effort to get done with this task. Wardrobe moving boxes come to your rescue in this case. These are big, sturdy and strong boxes made up of cardboard. Their main purpose is to hang clothes. One or two rods are attached inside the box to fulfil this goal. You only have one job when you have these boxes, get the hangers, hang clothes on them and place them in the wardrobe moving box. Once the complete space is occupied, close its door, and you are good to go.

Although wardrobe moving boxes are quite humungous and heavy, moving them around is very easy. These boxes have tires that aid in their motion. You can displace the products to greater distances with minimum effort. Additionally, these boxes are entirely custom-made. Their measurements can alter according to what fits your desired space. Moreover, you can play with colour pallet and printing options as well.

How to Build Wardrobe Moving Boxes

If ready-to-use wardrobe moving boxes are not available, you can make one for yourself on your own.

Step 1: Gather all the Stuff

Initiate the process of building your wardrobe moving boxes by getting your hands on the following things,

  • Get a wooden box of the desired size and firmly lock all the sides.
  • Rod inside the box is the second most significant item. For this purpose, a wooden or steel rod is the best choice. Trim the rod according to the size of your box.
  • Gather some screws, a screwdriver, a hole puncher, glue, a knife and duct tape.
  • Grab a pair of scissors
  • Get a permanent marker
  • Small tires

Step 2: Build a Wardrobe Moving Box

Now is the time to utilize all the stuff you have gathered in phase 1.

  • Begin by gluing the sides of the box to harden them
  • Make holes in any two opposite sides of the box to insert the rod
  • Grab the rod and screw it into the sides
  • Make sure the placement of the rod is horizontal
  • Cut a piece of cardboard to make the lid of the box
  • Attach the lid to the box by using glue, screws and duct tape
  • Lastly, attach small wheels and a holding stand to the box firmly
  • Your box is ready to use

Step 3: Beautify Wardrobe Moving Box

After completing the manufacturing of your wardrobe moving box, start decorating it. You can paint the box according to your taste and preference. You can also print names or paste stickers on the box to make it more attractive. This step is completely dependent on how you prefer to display the box.

Different Types of Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Wardrobe moving boxes are made up of the same material: cardboard. Their walls contain multiple layers of sturdy cardboard sheets to provide a safety factor. Therefore, they do not have different types based on this. These boxes come in various standard sizes that build up a portfolio of wardrobe moving boxes.

Moreover, the height of boxes is a great concern. If you order shorter or longer heightened that do not complement the length of your clothes, the delivery process becomes laborious.

Long Wardrobe Boxes

These wardrobe boxes are long enough to hang long dresses, frocks, long skirts, etc. Their length reaches 40 inches or above. The beauty of long wardrobe boxes lies in their compartments. These boxes have multiple compartments due to the large space. The bigger portion with rods is ideal for hanging clothes, whereas the smaller compartments can be used to place folded jeans, scarves, T-shirts, etc.

Medium Wardrobe Boxes

The other type of wardrobe box is a medium wardrobe box. They are approximately 30-35 inches long. They are mostly used for folded clothes. The lack different compartments. Medium-sized wardrobe boxes offer a single portion with rods where you can hang your clothes that fit in easily. T-shirts, short dresses, short skirts, etc., can easily be packed inside these boxes.

Small Wardrobe Boxes

Dealing with baby clothes is quite a task. They consume much space in luggage. For this, get your hands on 20 inches tall wardrobe moving boxes. One of the benefits of these small boxes is that they leave enough room for other items in luggage or vehicle.

Benefits Of Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Prevent from Wrinkly Clothes

Wardrobe moving boxes are the perfect items to hang clothes in. Since the clothes are hung straight without any hurdles, clothes do not get wrinkly. This is amazingly beneficial in an emergency. Just grab your favourite clothes and wear them without the pressure of ironing them. The clothes will remain pressed even if you travel.

Environment Friendliness

Cardboard is the only material used to manufacture wardrobe moving boxes. It is 100% eco-accommodating because it biodegrades quickly into the ground. If you are conscious of environmental health, then wardrobe boxes are the best replacement for eco-toxic cupboards, plastic clothing baskets, and buckets.

Do not Take up Extra Space in Homes

Wardrobes take up significant space in rooms or wherever they are placed or built. This is not the case with wardrobe moving boxes. They do not contain extra drawers or compartments that go empty or useless. Customers can get custom-made boxes according to the size of the available spot in their houses, which makes them highly area-friendly and spare regions for other useful purposes.

Easily Moveable

The size of the wardrobe moving boxes is not something to worry about. Even a 40 inches tall box can easily be pulled and pushed due to the supporting wheels, unlike huge cupboards that remain static throughout their lifetime.

Cost Effective

Cupboards require a lot of resources and money to be built. They are bigger and contain layers of different materials. At the same time, wardrobe moving boxes serve the same purpose at a cheaper price. This is because of the cost-effective cardboard material and smaller sizes of these boxes.

Uses of Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Wardrobe Moving Boxes Replace Wardrobes

The primary use of wardrobe moving boxes is to hang clothes. Get your boxes and remove installing closets in your rooms. These budget-friendly packaging boxes provide multiple options to pack your clothes in. You can hang the clothes, fold them and stack them in smaller compartments, or roll them to store in drawers, if available.

Wardrobe Moving Boxes Can Store Any Stuff

Apart from clothes, you can use wardrobe moving boxes for storing other stuff too. The walls of the box are highly sturdy and can easily bear the weight of fairly heavy items. You can pack electronics items, furniture pieces, quilts, pillows, cutlery, etc.