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Gift Card Boxes for Weddings, Birthdays, and Christmas

Gift Boxes

Giving gifts to your loved ones and family members is considered a token of love. Giving gifts to your friends and families in these gift card boxes will show your deepest emotions and affiliation to your family members. It expresses your feelings for those who you care about. Selecting an appropriate package for your gift will improve its overall look and keep it protected and safe. They provide an extraordinary look to the receiver and will attract them. It provides an eye-chanting and captivating effect to the receiver and increases the gift’s worth. They are also used as a marketing strategy. 

Materials Used in Custom Gift Boxes

Most custom gift boxes are highly resistant and made up of good-quality cardboards that keep your product safe and sound. Manufacturing these boxes is not a tedious task for professionals. They can make hundreds of these custom boxes according to your demand in a couple of hours. They are majorly made of two materials. One is Kraft material, and the other is cardboard. You can choose any one depending upon your design, demand, and budget. 

Kraft Material

Many custom gift boxes are made of high-quality kraft material due to their durability and sturdy nature. They provide excellent protection to your products, especially in challenging shipment conditions. In addition, they can easily be customized and look more attractive than simple cardboard, on which much effort is required for its customization. 


Different types of carboards are also used to design gift boxes. It is the most commonly used product as it is cheaper than Kraft material. One must use an advanced technique that can be used with cardboard custom boxes: the die-cut window technique, which helps the user see the gift without opening it.

Eco-Friendly Nature

One of the main features considered necessary is its eco-friendly nature. These materials can easily be degraded and recycled, unlike plastic. We can use it again and again. By using these materials, we can reduce environmental pollution. It is better to use these materials as they are eco-friendly and are more convenient than plastic. 

Standard Shapes and Sizes

Custom gift boxes are available in multiple sizes, shapes and designs depending upon the size of your products. This diverse range will help you easily choose gift boxes for your product. Many companies can customize the boxes according to your idea, but mostly they are in rectangular and square shapes. Many boxes are built based on standard sizes. The standard size of the medium gift box most used is 203mm wide, 203mm deep, and 152 mm high. The sizes vary according to your gift. Custom Candle Gift boxes for large and super large products have different dimensions. You don’t need to worry about them. In addition, they can easily be found in shops and stores and can be easily customized. 

How Gift Boxes are Customized

These gift boxes can be customized with ribbon, beads, flowers, laces and precious stones and by using many other crafts to make your gift more appealing and enchanting. Moreover, new techniques are available in the market, including fancy printing techniques that can conform to the theme of your occasion and make your gift more elegant and sophisticated compared to other gifts. 

Different Types of Gift boxes

Following are the types of gift boxes:

Shoulder Box

This style boxes have an internal shoulder so that lid can easily fit with the base. The shoulder can be hidden or exposed depending upon the customer’s demand and will make your gift more attractive.

Clamshell Box

This box and a 3-sided hinged lid are like each other as they are rigid. However, it is made up of a single piece of the board The hinge is attached at the bottom of the base rather than the top as in 3-sided hinged lid boxes. 

Book-style Box

This type of box provides your gift finished look like a book. It incorporates a double flip lid and shutting clasps or magnets to provide an enthralling look to your gift. 

Rigid Slipcase Style

It is considered the most important and protective gift box as it provides ultimate protection to your device. It is high quality and is best for fragile products such as DVDs and CDs.