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Type of Boxes are Used for Furniture Packaging

Type of Boxes are Used for Furniture Packaging

All sorts of furniture items need to be packaged perfectly for the safe and handy transfer of items from one place to another. The sizes and the types of boxes vary from object to object but the corrugations and solid cardboard are common to all as they provide added protection, ease, and eco-friendliness. 

Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes

These boxes are of great significance when packaging heavy, bulky, and fragile items that are of great importance such as showcases, dressing mirrors, etc. They are mainly designed to provide complete stability to furniture items and save them from mishaps. Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes contain double or triple layers of corrugated cardboard based on the nature of the product that provides resistance against friction. At the same time, the items are moved from one place to another. On the inner side of the grooves, polythene, plastic, or polystyrene sheets are attached to prevent the goods from scratching. Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes are manufactured using cardboard, making them eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and handy compared to typical steel or metal boxes.

Crash Lock Cardboard Boxes

The increasing trend of online purchases of furniture items demands boxes with advanced features to ensure sound arrival of the package at the customer’s doorstep. These eco-friendly crash-lock cardboard boxes are easy to handle due to their self-erection feature. In addition, these boxes interlock themselves reducing the need for tapes and glues, making them more cost-effective. Crash Lock Cardboard Boxes come in various shapes and are best suited for small and stringent items because of the single layer of cardboard. Furthermore, these come with customization and printing options, as e-commerce businesses use them most. 

Corrugated End Caps

Corrugated End Caps give unparalleled assurance of corners and enhance the solidness of delicate furniture items inside the external case during travel. The Corrugated End Caps have the edge over polystyrene end covers because of their environmentally friendly nature. These covers are manufactured using 100 percent recyclable material. The ridged end cap is designed in such a manner that they remain intact without the requirement for any extra materials such as paste or tape. End covers can undoubtedly be separated and reused. End covers are planned and made customized to the item’s shape and aspects. Every arrangement is enhanced to limit waste and the utilization of rigid boards. The end covers can be adjusted for additional peripherals, manuals, and other fundamental things inside the pack.

Cardboard Edge Protecting Boxes

These protectors made from solid cardboard are best suited in the case of pointed or edgy furniture items. They focus on the edges of the good that are generally defenseless against harm when in the store or traveling from one point to another. Cardboard Edge Protecting Boxes have two significant advantages: first and foremost, they significantly diminish the harm to store items, making them tremendously cost-effective. Secondly, they protect the workers from any harm posed by the edges. Cardboard Edge Protecting Boxes are provided in a creased corrugated board and custom-made to the length and level of security required. This guarantees the most excellent insurance while utilizing an insignificant measure of material. Along with the size and type customization, these boxes come with various printing options to ensure the right purchase for the correct item. 

Plus Size Cardboard Boxes

These boxes are designed to pack huge and mighty furniture items such as heavy tables, sofas, bed backs, and fancy chairs. This type of packaging is appropriate for enormous or abnormal molded items or for making bigger measured packs to give travel and capacity efficiencies. Plus Size boxes are manufactured using single and twofold wall folded board grades. This packaging covers a large number of standard and custom-tailored styles. All plus-size cardboard boxes can be stuck, taped, sewed, or a mix of each of the three to give the expected exhibition. Extra highlights, for example, expert obstruction coatings and liners, are accessible to advance assurance and execution. These more giant boxes also come with specific handles to provide ease while dragging items from one place to another.