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Why are Gable Boxes More Profitable in the Marketplace

Custom Gable Boxes

When the customers demand unique packaging against reasonable rates, the packaging companies suggest custom gable boxes. These boxes offer a perfect fit for several product types. They are secure and attractive, which is why they grab attention instantly. The packaging companies use various cardboard types to compose these boxes, which are further enhanced using printing techniques according to the advertising and packaging needs of the clients. These boxes help highlight the product in the market with little effort. Read further to learn how to customize these boxes in more than one way to make them ideal for any product. 

Kraft-based custom cardboard boxes

If you thought that the several options in printing, add-ons, and layouts were not resonating with your brand, think about experimenting with the material and giving Kraft a chance. This material is ideal even for food-related items. It is available with all the leading packaging companies in the USA in good-grade quality approved by the food regulatory authority. As a result, the Kraft bakery boxes developed are sturdy, reliable, and flexible enough to be used as retail packaging boxes in various forms. Products that are organic, natural, handmade, and chemical-free are often packaged in these boxes as the brown rustic and not-so-smooth surfaces add a nostalgic appeal to these items. When customizing the themes of these boxes, preferably darker themes are used, which look mesmerizing on these rugged boxes. The clients can also add biodegradable coatings in matter or the gloss option to make these boxes more durable and attractive.

Like all other Kraft boxes, these too are recyclable and biodegradable, which means they will disintegrate under the right conditions on their own after some time. It will help conserve energy and the planet’s resources as virgin material is not required every time an order is placed.

Custom gable boxes offer reliable product protection 

This cardboard-based packaging is aimed at offering convenience and benefits to the users. Because of the handles that are an intrinsic part of cardboard gable box design, it is easy to carry these boxes from one place to another with items packaged. The upper flaps of the box can be manipulated, added, or subtracted from the design for;

  • Interlocking mechanism ensuring product safety 
  • Layouts in versatile shapes to look like a cow, house, etc.

The locking mechanisms secure the product inside and prevent the occurrence of shoplifting and theft in stores. In addition, it allows the users to store products in these boxes in between use without the fear of losing or damaging them. Because of this reason, many ready-to-eat food items are packaged in this box to prevent spills. 

The bottom of these boxes gets sealed, glued, or interlocked to provide safe packaging for heavier items. It reduces the chances of the box bottom giving away and tearing during display, shipping, transport, etc. This layout is beneficial for beverage boxes and carriers in the retail world. Several energy drinks, bottled water, juices, and other beverages packaged in glass bottles, tins, or other materials use gable retail boxes to display, market, and advertise these products in the mainstream online and offline markets.

There is a misconception that this packaging type is not very durable, which is not valid. Apart from the sturdy material options, the techniques cited previously add to the functionality and strength of these boxes. Moreover, every seasoned packaging company in the USA recommends adding fences, inner boxes, and other partition options to ensure minimum product movement inside the box that can damage the products.

Custom packaging for event-based favor boxes

When it comes to wholesale printed gable box orders for events that require favor boxes for gifts, toys, edibles, apparel, and other items, these boxes are suitable for various things. Because of this reason, they get readily used at the launch events of new product lines and variations that are packaged in these boxes in portable, sample-based and regular SKUs for the audience to take home. This packaging is also used at events like;

  1. Birth announcement giveaways when the parents choose to share birth news with close friends and family members. Personalized messages get printed on these boxes according to client requirements, and the box is given appealing shapes. 
  2. Similarly, these boxes make an excellent option for favor boxes for weddings, anniversaries, New Year, and other celebrations. According to the festivity and event, images and themes get added to the box design. Finishes accessories like pearls, ribbons, and adhesive bows add more elegance to their overall looks, and features like window patching seem the items inside safe yet visible. 

Cardboard gable boxes are easy to customize 

There is more than one technique for customizing cardboard-based boxes. The options start right from selecting material, which varies in strength and appeal. Other than the thickness of the cardboard, clients can choose it based on texture. A wide variety is also available in green packaging material, which is preferred by the clients opting for clean and eco-friendly packaging tools. Apart from these options, the packaging companies can select from;

Custom Gable Boxes
  • Digital printing 
  • Screen printing 
  • Offset printing 
  • Lithography 
  • Flexography, etc., commercial printing processes. 

The printing process selection depends on the time limit, order limit, other factors, and customer preferences and budgets. Once the choice of material and printing technique is confirmed, the packaging company also introduces variations inbox styles via their layouts. they introduce features like;

  • Window cut-out
  • Window patching 
  • Handles 
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Tear strips and perforations, and much more.

Gone are the days when the retail boxes were available in one or two colors, with the box exterior showing all the product details and branding elements. Instead, the modern boxes for various packaging platforms are printed in full color with images and add-ons. In addition, the printers and clients print the box interior to make it as impressive as its exterior using colors, features, and add-ons. When used in different combinations, these and numerous other options compose distinct packaging boxes for every brand