How to Make Custom Foam Packaging


Good packaging plays a significant role when it comes to a good brand image. Custom foam packaging is yet another type of secure packaging. It ensures the safe delivery of products from one place to another. The benefit that custom foam packaging provides makes it stand out. First and foremost, it fills the space completely inside the box and leaves no room for frictional effect. Hence, the friction that occurs due to the movement of the package reduces to almost zero.

With this type of packaging, fragile items stay in their places firmly. They do not fall out during traveling. Therefore, custom foam packaging is extremely beneficial for glass, soft metal, and brittle plastic objects.  Custom foam packaging is highly recommended when your product has an irregular shape or contains small spare parts. Custom foam packaging boxes are available in various cuts. One can choose between liquid jet cut, blade cut, die cut, wire, and laser cut.

Steps to Make Custom Foam Packaging Manually

One can manufacture custom foam packaging from the scratch himself. This process comprises 6 steps given below.

  • Grab a plastic sheet and wrap it around the object that is to be packaged. Polyurethane will not stick to the object and it will be easier to remove the foam.
  • Cust piece cardboard of the size equivalent to the size of the object. Make an opening in the cardboard and tape it to the object. It doesn’t need to be impeccably focused yet ensure you leave some room top and base with the goal that the foam will encompass your article. Tape the cardboard into place in the compartment. Once more, it doesn’t need to be great, similarly as lengthy as it’s sensibly solid.
  • Now, make foam paste. Mix equal amounts of polyurethane and water in a cup. Stir well to remove all the lumps. Wait until the mixture hardens.
  • Pour the mixture onto the product that is wrapped inside a plastic sheet.
  • Now remove the foam from the container.
  • Take the knife and tear the foam apart upon receiving the package.

Types of Ready-to-Use Custom Foam

With the advancement of technology, packaging has become exceptionally easy and sturdy. Now, you can order custom foams in any shape, size, and material depending upon the type of the product. Following are some of these types,

Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam)

PU or polyurethane foam is a lightweight and more compressible foam material than other foam choices. It is extremely flexible in many bundling applications. Moreover, because of its delicate trademark, polyurethane foam has high shock sponginess, turning this material into a standard determination among numerous enterprises searching for added security. Polyurethane foam embeds are accessible in many densities and tones.

Expanded Polyethylene Foam (EPE Foam)

This type of foam is lightweight and sturdy thermoplastic. It comprises millions of small air pockets. This foam offers a ton of solidarity and inflexibility for bundling many items. EPE can hold a few things immediately with exceptionally high shock retention from weighty modern materials to little and delicate things. EPE is likewise completely recyclable and can undoubtedly be softened and reshaped for a specific reason past your item bundling. Our polyethylene foam embeds are accessible in a great many densities and tones.

EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam

This is yet another type of high-quality foam. It is an exceptionally thick foam material that makes foam box embeds for extravagance item bundling. This type of foam is unquestionably flexible and is perfect for retaining vibrations and effects, making it ideal for bundling delicate or extravagant items. Also, it can bond well with glues making it advantageous to make custom shapes and thicknesses to make the ideal emotionally supportive network for your item. This foam contrasted with another foam elective like EPE or PU is the best and enhances the unpacking experience of your items. Ethylene-vinyl foam embeds are accessible in a large number of densities and tones.

Foam with Egg-Shaped Convolutions

Convoluted foam is the most protective foam. It is suitable for all types of objects. The convolutions provide enhanced safety and protection against shocks. Therefore, it makes rough handling ineffective and ensures the delivery in the original form.

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