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What is The Difference Between Matte and Gloss Lamination for Packaging?

Difference between Matte and Gloss Lamination

Packaging and Lamination

As we know, custom packaging is the modern-day technique for expanding business. Companies are rushing towards custom packaging for their products’ best appearance and outlook. In this new and trendy packaging process, lamination is a basic and primary element. Lamination adds to the elegance of the packaging box and the product. 

Choosing a suitable material for lamination is a very crucial decision. No matter what packaging box you use, lamination always describes the first and foremost touch and impression. How do you want your customers to feel when they touch and gaze at your product on the market’s shelves?  The answer is so apparent. You always want to impress your customers with a gentle and elegant impression. A perfect lamination will be your best supporter in increasing sales and boosting your business. 

What is Lamination?

Many sellers ignore using lamination over their packaging, decreasing fame and sales. You, being a businessman, should never compromise on the quality and elegance of your product, company, and sales. Lamination is defined as a transparent thin layer of plastic sheet used to cover the packaging box of a product. This thin layer of plastic sheet is beneficial in increasing print quality and preserving the colors for a longer period. In other words, lamination is something like a membrane around your valuable custom-printed box that helps increase the lifespan of your box and the product. Consequently, this strategy leads your business to the heights of success and glory. 

Although the plastic film’s thin layer seems very useless and sensitive, it serves a remarkable role in preserving and increasing your product’s aesthetic appeal. Lamination is usually covering all the sides of a packaging box. This is because it protects the merchandise from various threats. One of the leading causes of using lamination over your product boxes is to protect them from cracks, smudges, dust, lines, and scuffs. 

Furthermore, this lamination adds to the beauty of your simple packaging box.  It adds a shiny and decent aroma to your box while making it pop up in the eyes of your targeted customers. This will prove that your company is genuinely devoted to clients, as they are using a unique and effective strategy to improve the visuals of your items. Moreover, most boxes are made of kraft or paper, easily destroyed by moisture and dampness. Here, laminations serve a key function. This plastic film is highly waterproof and does not let water in. Therefore, lamination is a thing every brand should try and enjoy!

Types of Lamination

Every color has two shades. For example, glossy black and matte black. Both of them attract people according to their interests and tastes. Some people are fond of matte black, while others love shiny black. Both these shades have two different niches and influences.

Similarly, if we take about lamination, there must be some categories. This is because the extensive use of lamination requires many options. Yes, there are two types of laminations. The two types are the following:

  • Matte Lamination
  • Gloss Lamination

What is Matte Lamination?

The most prominent part of matte lamination is its gentle and soft texture to the packaging. Have you ever seen a matte black Lamborghini? If yes, then you may easily understand what an imaginative and elegant sight it provides. Because of its matte texture, the car seems more like a gentle and soothing impression. Similarly, if we talk about lamination, matte lamination is a very unique and innovative idea. 

Moreover, matte lamination is a very useful tool for beautifying your product packaging with a less reflexive and more gentle and sober appearance. You can decrease the intensity of colors, which will help you to create a more muted, reserved, and elegant palette. One of the most important things to notice is that it creates less contrast with darker colors, resulting in a very soothing and softer look.

To prevent a drab and uninspiring design, experiment with your color pallet to stand out from the crowd and attract customers. You should know the tactics and contrasts that will provide an alluring outlook to your product packaging with a matte lamination. Moreover, this helps to avoid harsh glares.

Famous brands mostly use this type of lamination because they desire elegance.  Furthermore, matte lamination provides an ideal canvas for printing methods like embossing, metallic foiling, and sustainable vegetable inks. All these features make this lamination the customer’s favorite. 

What is Gloss Lamination?

Unlike matte lamination, gloss lamination is shiny and bright texture plastic film coated around the packaging box to increase its durability. This type of lamination is a bit chunky and reflexive. It often provides a sharp and cunning appearance that entices customers at first sight. 

People fond of bright colors will be directly drawn to the products with gloss laminated packaging. The gloss laminate is very appealing. When used on image-heavy packaging, it generates rich, sharp lines and colors. Because it is dynamic and needs care, gloss lamination may develop a product differently than matte lamination. In other words, a product with gloss lamination speaks for itself, desiring attention. 

Gloss lamination provides a considerably glossy appearance that enhances the vibrancy of colors. It’s frequently employed in marketing items since it hints at richness and professionalism. Furthermore, gloss provides extra protection because smudges and dirt can be easily removed by cleaning.  UV coating may be used to achieve vivid colors on certain portions of the print, and the brightness and shine of the finish can sometimes eclipse the delicacy of excellent packaging design. 


Packaging is the first ambassador of your brand. You should never compromise on the appearance of your products. However, matte and gloss laminations are very useful tools to increase the appeal of your valuable products. Both serve the same purpose: increasing the product’s beauty. However, gloss is a bit cheaper than matte. Choose wisely what you need at a certain point. And you will be the world’s top trading brand.