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What Are Poly bags? How Poly Packaging Bags Are Made?

What Are Polybags? How Poly Packaging Bags Are Made?

No matter how often we talk about packaging, it will never be enough. Knowing your packaging is key to impressing the customer, as it is the first thing the consumer sees. It is very important to know what kind of packaging goes well with what kind of product. Choosing the right packaging is important to put a good impression on the customer and for the safety of your product. If you choose the wrong packaging material for your product, it might get damaged and put your brand image and product at risk. Fret not, though, for we are here to solve all your packaging-related issues.

Today we bring you useful and convenient packaging, i.e., poly bags.

Poly bags

What are poly bags? Poly bags are clear bags that are made out of plastic. They are used for the packaging of several products. Specifically, these bags are made of polyethylene, one of the most common plastics today.

The average thickness of poly bags in the most common polybag applications is between one and six miles (one-thousandth of an inch, i.e., 0.001 inches). Poly bags are famous because of their convenient shapes and sizes. Another thing that makes these bags so famous is their smooth texture and flexible characteristics. They also have high durability and versatility.

Making of Poly bags

Poly bags are very useful products. They are quick to make, and their production does not require you to incur many costs. The production process of poly bags is cost-effective. The production process of poly bags consists of two steps. These two steps are;

Step 1: Extrusion

The production of poly bags begins with the blown film extrusion process. The first thing that needs to be done in this step is to melt the resin. It involves melting small plastic pellets, i.e., resin until they are melted and pliable enough to be pressed or squeezed through a slot in a circular die. This is because the melted resin needs to pass through a tube to be given the desired shape. The temperature in this step must be monitored thoroughly to avoid overheating, as this will lead to the burning of the resin. This extrusion forms a continuous molten plastic tube extruded from one end and filled to the desired size and thickness. The filled tube is stretched vertically over the tower to cool, then flattened and rolled. It is important to let the resin cool before rolling it into other shapes. Once it is cool enough, it is ready to be converted into polybags. The plastic can be cut into a tube, a single roll, or a half-folded sheet and made into a polybag when on the roll.

Step 2: Transformation

When the blown film extrusion process is finished, the plastic rolls are taken and transformed into poly bags. The first thing done in this step is that the rolls of plastic tubes or sheets are first passed through a machine that pulls the material to the correct length. It stretches the material to give it the required length and size. The machine then places a seal of the correct length on the material and cuts it away to form an individual bag. This process is repeated until we have the required number of desired poly bags. In these two steps, poly bags are made. The process is quick and cost-effective.

Benefits of Poly bags

Poly bags have many benefits. Some of these benefits are;


Polybag packaging is one of the most cost-effective packaging options on the market. Compared to other materials, plastic is significantly cheaper. For example, fabric or paper costs about twenty times more to produce than plastic. If you have many products to pack, polybag packaging wins whenever comparing costs. If you are interested in reducing costs, your business can save money on these packaging bags by partnering with the right polybag bag supplier. The production process of these bags is also very cost-effective. By manufacturing these polybags, you can save more costs in the long run.

Quick Production

Another advantage of using polybag packaging for your products is the fast production process. Poly bags are made from polyester foil that is stretched, cut and sealed to the size, shape and design of customized poly bags in a quick and smooth process. The average production time for custom poly bags is almost four weeks, but some polybag packaging suppliers can complete custom orders in as little as two or three weeks. Most of the production time comes from planning and designing to make the bags according to your wishes. Packaging manufacturing of these bags is efficient, so you get finished products much faster. This can save a lot of your time and help you save money as the bags are relatively inexpensive.

Strong and Durable

Another factor that makes poly bags excellent packaging materials is that they can be developed in different strengths. Different polybags are valued for their strength properties. Some strengths are ideal for packing products with sharp edges or bulk. When ordering custom polyester bags, you can specify the thickness of your bags, which determines the thickness of the material. An important thing to know is that the thicker the bag, the stronger and the more resistant to punctures or tears. Another main reason to choose polybag packaging for your products is its durability. Few packaging materials can withstand moisture the way poly bags do. For many products, a moisture barrier is essential. Products such as food or electronic components can be easily damaged without this protection and are best protected with polybag packaging.


Polybag packaging is especially suitable for customization. It can support custom branding. You can get your company logo and colors on it easily. It can be easily designed to display images or statements of your company’s choosing. When you order custom bags, the polybag supplier prints a receipt before it goes into production to ensure that the design and feel of the bag are exactly what you want. The certificate ensures that each polybag looks uniform in mass production. Poly bags can also have custom seals and handling options or special additives to enhance appearance, gloss or texture to suit your company’s needs. It is the most versatile packaging material because it can be customized to your business and product.

So, if you are looking for a durable, versatile and cost-effective packaging solution, then a polybag is the way to go!