What is Aqueous Coating for Printing and Packaging?

Aqueous Coating for Printing and Packaging

Putting a good first impression on the customer is a priority for many. This is possible only when the customer receives something that they like. Before the product, a customer receives the package itself, and what if it is the package rather than the product that forms the customer’s impression? In many cases, that is the case. How the package itself is presented can make or break a customer. To ensure a good first impression, the coating of the package should be smooth, clean, and give a shine, and there is no better way to do this than with aqueous coating!

What is Aqueous Coating?

Aqueous coating, also known as AQ coating, is a coating applied to printing materials, and this coating is water-based. The benefit of this type of coating is that it can be applied many times, i.e., many layers of it can be applied on the same print without damaging the print or the look of the print. It also allows the coating to be applied without any danger of leaving fingertips as it has fast drying capabilities.

With all its good qualities, AQ coating is the typical coating process for packaging. 

What is Aqueous coating made of?

The composition of AQ coating is different compared to Varnishes and UV coating. The main ingredients used in this coating are;

  •    Water
  •    Polymers
  •    Ammonium Hydroxide
  •    Wetting agents
  •    Wax or a slip agent

As the coating is water-based, the main and most important ingredient is water. The polymers are added to a mixture of the other ingredients to create a blend that will balance out the capabilities of the coating, such as the drying capability, flexibility, and shine. Ammonium hydroxide is used as its volatility is higher than water. This increases the evaporation rate and which then increases the drying ability. The wetting agents ensure that a thin layer can be spread, and the wax facilitates the application process by preventing any marks after the layer is spread.

Types of Aqueous coating

Depending on the look you are going for, you can give your package a different coating, resulting in a different look. There is a variety of options to choose from. You can opt for the glossy or matte look, or if you are going for a subtle look, you can get the soft look.

The many types of aqueous coating are;

Gloss coating

This coating can be used if you want your package to give off a gentle impression and still look classy and glossy.

Matte coating

Gloss coating is on one end of the spectrum, while this type is on the other. This gives your packages a non-shimmery, matte look that helps the colors underneath shine to their fullest.

Satin Coating

This is the middle ground between gloss and matte coating. It gives your package a light shiny look that lets the colors underneath also come out. It also prevents any marks from appearing on the package.

Soft-touch Coating

This coating can help give your package a soft and gentle feel. This might be for the packages with the highest desire to look premium and stylish. This gives the package a silky and soft feel, even with less shimmer and shine.

Dry-erase Coating

The effects of this coating are the same as the gloss coating, i.e., it provides a gloss effect on the package. The only difference between this and the full gloss option is that this is more affordable than the gloss coating.

Pencil Receptive Coating

This coating is used when the writing on the print is important. This writing may be from a pencil, a pen, or other material. To protect the quality of the writing, a pencil-receptive coating is used as this coating is receptive to pencil, pen, laser, or any other kind of ink used for writing.  

Why use Aqueous coating?

The aqueous coating has the kind of ingredients in it that give it qualities that differentiate it from other coatings. One of the most important abilities is that it dries up very quickly. This allows multiple layers to be applied to the printing without fear of damaging the print or making creases. Moreover, it can provide a clean and glossy look that is a pleasure to see. This also helps in giving packages different and unique appearances,

AQ coating is a very beneficial thing that can help give off a gloss on your packaging, which is a must to make a good first impression on your customer. The cleanliness and shine of the package matter, but another thing that holds equal importance is the protection of the package. Your package has many turns and stops before it reaches its final destination, i.e., the customer.  Apart from giving your package a perfect look, AQ coating also helps in protecting it.

Before getting to the customers, the package goes through an entire delivery process, which means going through several hands. This can result in handprints getting onto the package and leaving marks, but with the capabilities of this coating, it becomes easier to protect the package against such issues. As the coating dries very quickly and contains wax as well, it prevents any marks from being left behind on the surface of the package.

Is Aqueous coating sustainable?

AQ coating is an eco-friendly coating. It is made with water-based ingredients making it a safe coating option and more environmentally friendly than other coatings.

As the coating is environmentally friendly and the ingredients are safe, this coating is known to be used in food packaging, household products, and fast-moving consumer products.

Furthermore, this coating allows the package or paper to be recycled wherever the coating is applied, thus adding to the environmentally friendly concept. This also produces less waste and requires no harmful detergents or chemicals to be used after making.

So AQ coating is a great option that you can use to impress your customers, keep them happy and protect the package and the environment! 

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